Child Care Law Reporting Project Statement and Report 6th June 2018

Statement - Child Care Law Reporting Project

IFCA welcomes the findings by the Child Care Law Reporting Project (CCLRP), of the examination of lengthy, contested and complex child protection cases in the District Court today.  The report, commissioned by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, reviewed 707 cases between 2013 and 2018 and some of its recommendations is consistent with the findings from IFCA and Tusla’s Joint Consultation Report that was launched in 2017 in respect of foster care.  In the Joint Consultation Report which brought together 300 foster carers and social workers to discuss the challenges they face in foster care and suggest possible solutions to Tusla and IFCA, the report found that:

  • Education and training for Legal Professionals involved in cases involving children is required
  • Consistency of approach is needed, ideally the same judge hearing child care cases
  • The role of foster carers in proceedings must be taken into consideration

Overall, the CCLRP report offers insights and recommendations for the attention of key stakeholders with regards to child care proceedings.  IFCA will continue to work with its partners and members with regards to supporting the progression of the recommendations of the report.