Internet & Social Media Safety

Media and digital devices are important tools in our world today. The benefits of these devices and platforms, if used moderately and appropriately, can be great. Social media has become a part of teenage social development. However, internet and social media safety is of concern to parents and sometimes we struggle to stay as informed as we would like to be. 

The resources in the list below offer clear, up-to-date information about this rapidly-changing part of family life.


VIDEO Playing and staying safe online – a 2-min video for children

VIDEO For older children and teens, ‘Safe Web Surfing: Top tips for kids and teens online’ – 5 mins

VIDEO What exactly is personal information? – a video for children with links

VIDEO What is geo tagging? A short news report about cyber stalking 

Organisations and websites 

This has information for parents, children and teachers. It offers ‘explainers’ of the latest apps, social media platforms, games and general terms and has suggestions for ways of starting conversations with children about internet usage, called ‘talking points’. Topics include sexting, making friends online, online gaming and online pornography.  has a large range of videos and information about sexual abuse and exploitation (including that which takes place or begins online) for parents, teachers and children of all ages which are divided into age groups. The information tackles difficult subjects like sex and relationships in the 14+ section 

The Department of Justice and Equality- Office for Internet Safety, has a guide for children, a separate one for parents, a jargon buster and links to printable online publications


Articles and reports

‘Internet Safety: Risks, Responses and Research Recommendations’ – a paper from the Brookings Centre for Technology Innovation (Washington, USA)